Hints and Tips: Mounting the Briefcase as a local drive

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Hints and Tips: Mounting the Briefcase as a local drive

Postby jon » Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:19 am

Did you know you can mount the Fido Apps Briefcase as a drive on your PC?

Fido Apps uses the industry standard WebDAV protocol for access to a number of back end services, including the online file store (or Briefcase). This means that you can mount the Briefcase App just like a local disk on your computer, and it works on Mac, Windows, Linux, BSD, etc!.

On Windows simply try mounting

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and authenticating with the email login details

for example

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C:\> net use w: https://glide.fido.net/dav/user@example.com/Briefcase \ /user:user@example.com \ /persistent:yes PASSWORD
where user@example.com is a valid user on the Apps platform and PASSWORD is your Fido Apps password

On the Mac, we recommend you use an application such as Transmit which handles the .DS_Store files properly. We have had mixed success with mounting the file system natively at this time.

On Linux/BSD you would use DavFS or similar.

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